Libertarians Split Over Hartman’s Decision


September 9th, 2010

Libertarians Split Over Hartman’s Decision

Andrew Gray, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Kansas, says that some Libertarians are relieved that Hartman has chosen not to run as a Libertarian at this time because of doubts surrounding his commitment to protecting individual liberty. Other Libertarians are disappointed that he will not run within their party and bring even greater publicity to their efforts to gain access to public primaries this year.

Gray says the Libertarian Party had not yet reached a final decision regarding Hartman’s request to run as a Libertarian, when he received word that Hartman was withdrawing his request.  Yet he was not surprised by the early decision Hartman made.  “The Republicans and Democrats have long used fear to maintain their monopoly on ideas and power.  Like so many times in the past, they once again used fear of what might happen to control the actions of an individual.  Every year as Libertarians we have people say to us, “If you run, you’ll take votes away from Candidate X.  We both know that Candidate X is not good, but if you run it will allow Candidate Y to get elected…and he’s really bad.” Gray says that fear is obviously a powerful motivator, and as Kansans continue to allow fear to have power over them, the establishment will keep using it to control their actions.  Gray says, “It’s the political version of the same old Boogie Man that parents have used for generations to control their children.  I’m proud to be part of a political party that treats Kansans as adults.”

Yet even with that use of fear, the Libertarian Party of Kansas is the fastest growing party in Kansas and Gray expects his party to achieve major party status this year when the Andrew Gray for Governor Team receives 5% or more of the votes in the general election.

He also says that he expects that the many voters who contacted him to express their excitement for having a viable third party candidate in the 4th Congressional District will consider long-time Libertarian Shawn Smith an equally viable candidate who has demonstrated courage and a strong commitment to both Fiscal and Personal Liberty.

Smith, the Libertarian 4th District Candidate, says that he is excited to have received the nod to replace the original Libertarian candidate, David Moffett, who has chosen to withdraw from the race for health reasons. Smith says, “While I appreciated the excitement that a potential high profile candidate brought to the 4th District, I know that voters will identify with my commitment to the principles of not only Fiscal Liberty, but that of Social Liberty as well.  I expect to draw equally from registered Democrats and Republicans and, of course, the 29% of Kansans who are currently politically homeless.”



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