Liberty in Action – Topeka KS: Help Hook Up Jerry.

Last week The Libertarians of Northeast Kansas, which is a local affiliate of the LPKS, stepped forward to advance the principles of Liberty in Topeka KS.  This situation arose after a developers for a partial taxpayer funded redevelopment project damaged the sewer lines to an existing business.  That business, Jerry’s Bike Shop, is currently in litigation with the developers.  Many in Topeka called for the city to get involved to fix the problem, but Libertarian Principles prevailed and instead of using the force of government to fix the problem, the citizens of Topeka choose to help Jerry without a middleman.

You can read more about the situation in this editorial piece in the Topeka Capital Journal.

Below is the text from the flyer put out by LNEK.  You can download that flyer here as a PDF, or here as a GIF.

Citizens of Topeka:

Help us restore sewer sanitation for Jerry’s Bike Shop and also educate one another on the issues that led to this situation. As citizens our hearts go out to Jerry, but we must stand on principle. In Jerry’s case there are two primary principles at play:
1) Tax dollars should not be used to fund private enterprise.
2) Every law should apply equally to all people all the time.
Our city is partly to blame in this situation. By abandoning these two principles (in the College Hill Boondoggle) our city government allowed Jerry’s situation to occur. However, abandoning our principles again is not the answer. The citizens of Topeka can build our economy, and take care of our own, privately and without taxpayer dollars.
Please join Topeka Councilman Andrew Gray, members of the Libertarians of Northeast Kansas and others by practicing the Principle of Liberty and come to the aid of one of our own, by standing up as an example of what Topeka can and should be without the force of local government.
A donation may be made to this grassroots effort to restore sewer service to Jerry’s Bike Shop:
Jerry’s Bike Shop Fund
c/o Quest Credit Union
610 SW 10th St.
2634 NW Hwy 24
3623 SE 29th St.
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