House Bill 2330 “Cannabis Compassion and Care Act”

The Honorable Brenda Landwehr

Chair, Kansas House Health & Human Services Committee

Members of the Kansas House Health & Human Services Committee

Dear Chair Landwehr and Members of the Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony regarding House Bill 2330, the “Cannabis Compassion and Care Act”. We want to express our support for this bill and encourage the committee to approve the bill as proposed.

HB 2330 seeks to aid patients who are suffering and find cannabis to be the most effective treatment. The scope of this bill is limited to patients who suffer from specific illnesses. The science is clear – in certain cases cannabis is the safest and most effective therapy for patients. It is not only an act of compassion – but common sense – to provide a legal outlet for these patients. There are currently 16 states (as well as the District of Columbia) that have approved the use of medical cannabis. A recent CBS News poll found that 77% of respondents support the use of medical cannabis for approved patients. Support for medical cannabis is no longer a radical idea, but now has mainstream support. In addition, the Kansas Division of the Budget estimates that the state will actually see a revenue increase of almost $1,000,000 from the administration of the programs outlined in HB 2330.

It is time for Kansas to confirm our caring nature for those who are ill and in need of proper treatment. Please support these patients and the people of Kansas by forwarding HB 2330 to the full House for consideration.


Al Terwelp

Chair, Libertarian Party of Kansas

12156 S Stanley Rd

Overbrook, KS 66524


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