Overland Park Open Carry Meeting

Overland Park Public Safety Committee will have an open carry forum open to the public in City Hall at 85th & Antioch starting at 7pm, Wednesday November 14th

City Hall                                        Map Quest:   http://mapq.st/SjtkeP

8500 Santa Fe Drive

Overland Park, KS 66212

The Libertarian Party of Kansas is asking all gun right advocates who live in Overland Park, surrounding cities and or have dealings every day in the Overland Party community to please show up in support of the 2nd Amendment.  The public will be able to speak and no reservation is necessary.  Just show up and you can speak if you want too.  If you don’t want to speak, which is ok, please show up in support!

Because of concerns expressed by those opposed to the 2nd amendment, the city is having the forum to listen to the public and possibly pass that only concealed carry permit holders can open carry.  One of the problems with this is that Kansas state law allows for 18 year olds and above to open carry and our new constitutional amendment to the right to bear arms confirms this.  We believe that by doing so, the city would be attempting to ban 18 to 20 year olds from open carrying despite the fact that we ask this age of men and women to carry guns in the US Military.  At this time, the city is promoting that current open carry law has no rule within Overland Park which is the farthest from the truth.

Please come to the meeting, bring a friend and ask your friend to bring someone.  Also pass this information to as many people as possible.

In addition to showing up please email the Public Safety Committee expressing your support of open carry.  Email each of them same message.  Please be professional, respectful and include your name and address.  If you do I promise they will listen and probably reply back.

Dave Janson Ward 1  -   (913) 381-2318    dave.janson@opkansas.org

Curt Skoog Ward 2  -  (913) 381-1127    curt.skoog@opkansas.org

Donna Owens Ward 3 -  (913) 381-8711   donna.owens@opkansas.org

Fred Spears Ward 4  -  (913) 681-0142   fred.spears@opkansas.org

Dan Stock Ward 6 -   (913) 766-1878   dan.stock@opkansas.org

Committee Chair Jim Hix -  913-685-0890 jim.hix@opkansas.org

City of Overland Park web page information about the Public Safety Meeting


Overland Park Mayor commenting on open carry


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