With many pressing issues to address, members of the Kansas House have taken much time to consider a way to curtail our freedom by tightly regulating ‘adult entertainment’. They seem to be struggling to find an adequate definition to subject to their new regulations. Under one draft we saw, exposing a woman’s nipples to a minor would be included. This, of course, would make breast feeding a criminal activity.

Advocates for greater regulation claim these businesses destroy the family; erode morals; breed criminal activity; help spread STDs, and become a festering sore in the center of more desirable commercial activity. They have made sweeping generalizations about the ‘secondary negative effects’ such businesses cause, although we are unaware of any scientific study conducted to support such accusations.

Opponents reject these claims by pointing to generally tight security within such establishments, low incidence of reported crime, and general acceptance by surrounding businesses. They even paid for their own study. It actually gathered facts that refute all of the so-called negative effects claimed.

It would seem the advocates for less freedom believe they have the ‘moral’ high ground. Opponents have the actual facts and information. It will be interesting to see if facts can beat out prejudice.

Customers, we presume, favor the liberty to choose which entertainment venues to support. We wonder if our elected representatives actually care about this group.

While we, as Libertarians, take no position of the propriety of ‘adult entertainment’, we do believe it is a matter best left to each individual citizen. If they choose to support such venues, the clubs will provide jobs; if the individual citizen chooses to not support these businesses, they will close.

The Kansas House of Representatives is very close to a vote on this issue. The Libertarian Party of Kansas will be testifying on this issue. It is critical for Libertarians across the state to support the State Party by making their position known to their elected representative. If you have provided us with the name of your representative, his/her name, email address, and phone number are listed below.

Do not hesitate on this. If you want your opinion to weigh on your representative’s vote, you must contact him/her soon. When you call or email your representative, be respectful. Be specific. Identify the issue and the bill number(s). Explain your position and your reasons clearly. House members are extremely busy now, so be concise.

There are at least three bills that address this issue. Ask your representative to vote against HB2054, HB2107, and HB2165. Ask them to oppose any bills that limit personal freedom in Kansas. We believe any imposition of a moral code by one group over another is bad for society and we believe it is bad for the general business atmosphere.

Above all, be respectful. This may be a tough one for us to win in the House, but we must try. However, we do not want to burn any bridges in the process. There will be other issues in the future we will want to take a position on. We must be prepared to fight again.

Please help. Contact your representative today. If appropriate, ask your friends to join you in opposing this kind of restrictive legislation.

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