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The Libertarian Party of Kansas runs candidates for office, fights for economic and social liberty, and educates the public on Libertarian policy solely on gifts given directly to LPKS.

We are far from financially secure. As we continue to grow and expand our influence, we rely on the support of Kansas Libertarians to ensure our movement will continue to prosper.

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We hope you will join our fight for liberty in Kansas. The Libertarian Party of Kansas practices what it preaches. We are committed to cost-effective solutions for our organization. You can be confident that all gifts to LPKS will be used directly in the battle for smaller government and the defense of civil liberties.

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We are grateful for our supporters, and each Monthly Pledge will help us budget and manage re-occurring expenses better and more efficiently.

We are currently updating some PayPal code – the functionality of the subscriptions (automatic monthly donations) is temporarily off-line. Check back as we will have those updates completed soon.

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Libertarian Party of Kansas
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Government mandated notices: The Kansas Campaign Finance Act requires political committees to report the name; mailing address and date received for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $50 in a calendar year. We are also required to report the occupation for each individual whose donations total over $150. $15,000 maximum annually per contributor. The IRS requires us to print, “Contributions are not tax-deductible” on all fundraising appeals.