The Free State Kansas social-network and news media organization hosted a forum for all Kansas legislative candidates on Saturday October 31st. The event which took place on a bright and gusty Halloween on the Capitol Building steps in Topeka focused 0n the issues of safety and justice as related to current events.

Mike Kerner, candidate for KS Rep 17, astutely represented the Libertarian stance on several issues during his opening statement and the Q&A. Matt Clark, candidate for KS Rep 23, was originally slated to take part, but was called away. This was particularly unfortunate because judicial/prison reform are closest to Matt’s heart. LPKS Chairperson Ned Kelley was given a few minutes to speak on his behalf.

In addition to Libertarian Mike Kerner, six Republican candidates for state and local office took part in the forum. Video of the event is posted on the Free State Kansas Facebook page. Beware, the wind cuts out the audio for much of the recording.

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