On January 26th, the LPKS Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution penned by LPKS Chair Ned Kelley condemning virus protocol, and instead encouraging the freedom of all Kansans to live, work, and gather. Though the entire document is available for perusal (see previous blog post), the crux lies within its first two sentences:

We, the Libertarian Party of Kansas uphold the Non-Aggression Principle and the property rights of all individuals. No government has authority to interfere with a person’s bodily autonomy, their freedom of movement, voluntary commerce/business, or freedom of association.

What Is Happening? 

The infamous “Fifteen Days to Flatten the Curve” is now approaching its one-year anniversary.  While the greater public was bombarded with messages of health and safety, liberty-minded citizens immediately recognized this doublespeak as an effort by bureaucrats at the state and federal levels to restrict our lives. The COVID-19 fiasco has been an egregious display of the government’s tendency to grasp at ever-increasing power.

We have resisted from the beginning, but lockdown culture persists. Therefore, it’s time to send an unmistakable message: We will not comply. 

Our position is more than a philosophy or an abstract principle. On the contrary, we feel the effects of increasing control tangibly and at every level: our personal lives, our businesses, and our communities. We have seen the abuse of power of Executive Orders from both former President Trump and (incredibly, only a few days into his term), President Biden, as well as state legislators. Businesses are struggling. Schools are a chaotic mess. People’s mental health is suffering. 

At some point regular people must decide how far they are willing to let that state power extend into their lives. The Libertarian Party believes in the freedom of individuals to make decisions for themselves. The line of overreach was crossed long ago, and therefore, we do not accept the new terms continually set before us under the pretense of “public health.”

We call on our elected officials (not leaders!) to stop creating arbitrary rules, restricting every facet of our lives, and moving the goalposts for when the madness will end. 

We call for a return to normalcy, and we begin by refusing to accept these terms. 

What Can We Do? 

Often, when researching what penalties are brought on with our resistance, the answer is none. The LPKS urges everyone to practice civil disobedience when a state order or mandate conflicts with your personal beliefs, your family/community structure, or your livelihood. The weakest action is complacency (inaction) – the strongest, a firm refusal to comply. 

If you aren’t yet ready to put this idea into practice, you’re not alone! Many of us have gone through the process of deciding our level of intolerance, and would be happy to talk to you about some ways you can show action without feeling uncomfortable – especially if putting yourself or your job at risk. (Examples: what to say if you cannot wear a mask but feel obligated to do so, how to proceed when orders interfere with your business, when your religious beliefs clash with state orders…) It is possible to live out your principles in a peaceful manner. 

But what if I support what I’m being told?

That’s your prerogative. We don’t force our ideas on others. If you feel the need to quarantine/self-isolate, wear a mask, or cease activity until you feel it is safe to resume, we support your freedom to live out that belief!

The concept we fight against is one that requires a unilateral obedience to one type of lifestyle, especially if it’s “ordered” or “mandated” by the state. No one knows their own health better than themselves. 


We at the LPKS oppose strict government control and do not support lockdown nor the coercion it fuels. We want to observe the success of our neighbors and friends. We encourage a full return of arts, music, sports, and other extracurricular enrichments. We do not accept nor comply with increasing restriction (though we support the choice of others to do so if they wish). We will not live in fear of a virus. From here on out, we support nothing but a restoration of liberty to our community, allowing peace, prosperity, health, and happiness for everyone. 

Above all, we stand behind your decision to live out your principles, and without the condition that others do the same. 

Decide what you stand for. Pursue your goals. Discover true freedom!

For questions, please contact LPKS Communications Director, Allison Ross: allison.ross@lpks.org 

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