By Law Proposal D – Proposal to change how vacancies are filled for district coordinators.

Paragraph III: State Executive Committee and Officers

Subsection 2A. Chief Executive Officer

The State Chair shall preside over all meetings, conventions, and committees at his or her pleasure.

The State Chair will see that the Treasurer establishes and maintains an efficient system of accounts.

The State Chair shall appoint all committees, both ad hoc and standing, and their chairs with the advice and consent of the State Executive Committee.

The State Chair shall appoint a party member to fill a any vacancy in an elected party office with the advice and consent of the State Executive Committee.  Such an appointment to a district coordinator seat shall be valid only until the next annual convention, where an election will be held to fill the unexpired term, if any. 


Section 6. Congressional District Coordinators

Subsection 6A  Election Of

The Congressional District Coordinators shall be elected at the State Convention by members who are registered to vote in that Congressional District. 

Subsection 6B  Duties Of

Subsection 6B(i). Candidate Recruitment

The District Coordinator shall work to ensure that quality candidates are recruited in his or her district and the educational, organizational, outreach and publicity programs of the Party are carried out in that district.

Subsection 6B(ii). Appoint Deputies 

The District Coordinator may appoint Deputy District Coordinators with the advice and consent of the State Executive Committee. Deputy District Coordinators shall serve at the pleasure of the District Coordinator. The Deputy District Coordinator’s term of office shall terminate when a new District Coordinator is elected or appointed.

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