When an American citizen turns 18 years old, they are allowed to buy cigarettes, enter the military, own property, take on the burden of student loans, and enter countless other serious financial situations. Of course, they are also now required to pay taxes.

One item not on the list? A concealed carry permit, which isn’t legal until the age of 21.

Two Kansans are passionate about this discrepancy, and moving to change it through a recent bill suggestion. Earl McIntosh and Al Terwelp urge Governor Laura Kelly to sign HB 2058 into law, and ask fellow liberty-minded individuals in Kansas to help bring attention to this issue.

Read the full details:

Press Release – HB2058

Follow the progress of this bill in action:

The advancement of freedom, even when hindered by bureaucratic issues and overshadowed by the duopoly, can be attained in small steps. The Libertarian Party is the only party fighting for all of your rights, all of the time. Support HB2058 with us!

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