Thank you all! I have enjoyed my time as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Kansas and it has been an honor. In the time since I was elected two years ago at the state convention in Leavenworth I am proud of so much growth that has happened. There is the infrastructure we have built, the people we have welcomed aboard, our great results in the 2020 Jo Jorgensen campaign (6th highest percentage earner in the U.S.), the teams we have formed, the message we have put forth including our anti-mandates resolution in January of this year, and the principles we have grown upon.

When Communications Director Allison Ross asked me what were my three biggest takeaways from our convention this past weekend, my final act as Chair, this is what I told her… 

#1 We are growing in size.

Twenty people participated in the business session that last in-person convention back in 2019. We had nearly three times that this year in Manhattan, and more in the afternoon session and banquet. Part of that is due to the fact that we promoted better and pushed for pre-registration harder than we ever have before. Part of that is due to the notoriety of the keynote speaker we had. But overall I believe it is due to the simple fact that we are growing as a party. A great deal of the momentum from the 2020 presidential nomination and election has translated into growth of our Party nationally – and certainly in Kansas. The 17,474 registered Kansas Libertarians at this time two years ago have grown to 20,800. 

#2 We are growing in complexity.

At a typical LP Kansas State convention we would have zero or perhaps one or two bylaw proposals. This year we had two platform amendments and five bylaw amendments. We had a parliamentarian, which we never have before. We adopted special standing orders to conduct the business of the party in a way that would be efficient and smooth. As I mentioned during the convention, if we continue growing the scope of business being conducted we may need to expand to a two-day program soon. We are growing and learning how to act and conduct ourselves as an ever more professional and effective organization. 

#3 We are growing in principle.

We passed two important platform amendments – one opposing ALL drug prohibition and another calling for the complete separation of government and education. This moves the party in a bolder direction more solidly rooted in our principles. The convention body was acutely favorable to my own radical comments throughout the day and there was a certain pro-anarchy feel in the air. We had two staunch uncompromising libertarian banquet speakers who both received standing ovations. We are growing in our radicalism. Not in a scary way, but in the best purest sense of the word. And I like it.

Keep growing, Libertarian Party of Kansas! Let your passion for liberty inspire you. Let your dedication to principle bolster you. And let your compassion for fellow beings guide you.

In liberty,

Ned Kelley – Former Chair


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