This week’s contribution is an original poem by Jeff Stewart in Kansas City, KS. Thanks for sharing your talent for words with us, Jeff! 

I Hate Roads

by Jeff Stewart


In the early morning hours;

One quarter to May;

Before the sky could produce;

One bright sunny ray;

I stood near my car;

On the road shoulder gravel;

And thought to myself;

What knots I could unravel.


The thoughts in my mind;

And the mind of my brain;

Began to conclude;

What might sound insane;

For pontificate not;

On topics ‘la mode;

I turned my attention;

To those damnable roads.


What purpose is there;

To the task of their being;

An obvious proof;

To the tracks of our needing;

But is this fallacious;

A logical blunder;

That we should need them at all;

Or be best turning them under?


For do we conclude;

From our rational pretense;

That the roads are much needed;

A posteriori as defense;

Or of the enforcement of laws;

And of the banging of gavels;

Such were the thoughts in my mind;

On the road shoulder gravel.


They do benefit commerce;

Said I to my brain;

And too encourage travel;

Came my mind in refrain;

They employ the road builders;

And the engineers’ wye;

And temp business to settle;

In places where the roads lie.


So all this was true;

And could not be unbartered;

And my temperature fumed;

And would soon be ungartered;

For despite justifications;

Rationale a la mode;

I could not relinquish my hatred;

For those damnable roads.



Featured photo courtesy Matt Clark; inset photo courtesy James Doyle

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