By Allison Ross and Ned Kelley 

Eighteen months into COVID-19 hysteria, the LPKS continues to uphold our position of noncompliance with mandated virus restrictions. While we believe in the right of individuals to obey or deny official policy as they are comfortable, libertarians generally stand firm against public “health safety” restrictions/mandates. We do not accept them as health-focused nor concerning safety, holding that it is the prerogative of the individual to decide what measures they will take for the protection of themselves and their families. 

“We need to try. We need to at least make them ask you to put on a mask. There are many business owners who do not want to comply and will not ask you to either. We can give them the opportunity to honor our face-freedom and allow our smiles in their store or restaurant. And we can at least make it uncomfortable for the business owners who won’t. Try. If they don’t want you there, give your business to someone who does.” – Ned Kelley, former LPKS Chair 

Kansas libertarians have publicly spoken on our opposition to the virus protocol surging in the U.S., observing it to be ineffective and (at times) even harmful. As there seems to be no sign of repeal – and in fact, many businesses and public facilities are doubling down on their efforts – we continue to encourage liberty-minded people to stay with us on the side of freedom. 

Below are resources for anyone interested in joining our efforts. Stay tuned as circumstances develop! 


  • “No thanks.” 
  • “I have a health/religious exemption.” 
  • “I don’t share my health information with anyone besides my doctor.” 
  • “Please stop harassing me.” 

Actions you can take: 

  • Offer a negative COVID test in place of a vax card.
  • Get involved in protest events in the KC metro and other areas.
  • Refuse to patronize businesses that honor protocol which goes against your belief system.


Restrictions may vary throughout the state, especially surrounding a city radius. Each set of doors tends to operate under different regulations than it did a few weeks or months ago, and might still be in flux according to the latest local ordinances.

We encourage you to stay informed with live updates on social media. This is especially true as of summer/fall 2021, when the focus is making an alarming shift from mask regulations to mandatory vaccines. The growing authoritarian reach of government is not to be taken lightly when it comes to agency over our own bodies. 


Unmask JOCO – Unmask JOCO KS | Facebook 

Unmask the Dotte – Unmask The Dotte | Facebook

Mask Choice for Kids – 

Kansans for Health Freedom – Kansans for Health Freedom Community | Facebook  – also their website:


Kansas City metro area – Don Chilito’s (Mission), Another Broken Egg Cafe (Overland Park), Dos Reales (Overland Park & Shawnee), KC Kitchen & Pizzeria (KCMO)


Aug. 2021 – Low numbers of vaccine acceptance in KS:

Aug. 2021 – KC schools sued by parents over mask mandates:

Aug. 2021 – Private school makes masks for students optional:

June 2021 – Law officers will not enforce mask orders:

Jan. 2021: Coffey County, KS nurses refuse to administer COVID vaccine:

Jan. 2021: Distilleries resist FDA fee for producing sanitizer:

Dec. 2020 – KC restaurant owner files restraining order against city:

Nov. 2020 – Natural Grocers chain advocates peace over mask enforcement:

Nov. 2020 – Don Chilito’s owner defies mask mandate:

Nov. 2020 – Another Broken Egg does not discriminate against non-mask-wearers:

Nov. 2020 – Emily Coleman refuses to mask up at Board of JOCO Commissioner meetings:

Nov. 2020 – Allison Ross interviews on speaking out against symphony protocol:

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