On October 30th, the State Capitol in Topeka held a committee hearing with public testimony. The purpose for the formation of this special committee was to plan a response to Biden’s executive orders regarding COVID-19, and protect Kansas from federal overreach through state nullification

Concurrent to the hearing, Kansans for Health Freedom hosted a Freedom Rally outside the Capitol building on Saturday morning. The peaceful, family-friendly event brought in hundreds of protestors, waving signs advocating freedom of choice regarding masks and vaccines. 

Speakers included more than frustrated Kansas citizens; attendees also heard from doctors and various healthcare workers, educators, and veterans. Though the committee only planned to take spoken testimony on Saturday, they received so many submissions that time was added on Friday. It is clear that Kansans are fed up with the state’s attempts to restrict us with COVID-19 policies, and are turning up by the hundreds to resist. 

LPKS made a strong showing with representatives from every Kansas district, providing helping hands to volunteer as well as multiple live speeches and written testimonies. See what our members had to say! 

“There was a crowd of about 300-350 Kansans who spent the majority of the day at the Capitol. Many there said they had never been politically involved, nor had ever participated in a rally or protest, yet they felt they had to do something.

“I delivered the LPKS testimony on behalf of the chair and [LPKS Executive Committee].

“The legislators heard a wide variety of grievances, damages and deep worries of Kansans. Three libertarians spoke at the committee hearing. Four gave written testimony. Two others addressed the crowd outside. Those attending the rally wanted their right to medical choice protected and to have Kansas nullify the federal vaccine mandates. It was clear they had no more tolerance for further government medical force, and were ready to make very difficult decisions. 

“It did appear that a number of the legislative committee members were receptive to the messages. I felt that we Libertarians made quite a presence at the event not only to legislators but also to the crowd.”

– Al Terwelp, Manhattan


“I’ve always been too introverted to speak publicly or give testimonies. When they came for my job, I felt as though I had to do something. Many felt the same and contributed to what felt to me like the culmination of 20 months of anxiety and anger. These were people who did NOT want to be there, but felt they had no choice. The fire of liberty burns strong in America’s heartland!”

– Shaun Heald, Haysville 


“When I found out that a hearing like this (where they weren’t actually voting on a bill at the end) was unprecedented, I decided to attend on behalf of the LPKS’ social media. I wanted to capture content from the day to share with others who couldn’t attend.

“I didn’t grow up in Kansas so I had never been to the Capitol before. At first glance it appeared to be hundreds of libertarians out front. Once I started listening to the rally speeches, it was clear there were people from other parties there. That’s when it hit me just how big of a deal this was. Medical freedom did something no election had ever done: unified differing schools of thought behind one overwhelming voice that said, ‘leave us alone’!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first visit to Topeka. I am so proud of our people who spoke up, and can’t wait to see how the testimonies are used in future legislation.”

– Olivia Hayse, Derby (LPKS Marketing/Advertising Director) 


Though there was a significant showing of America First and Make America Great Again representers, more than one speaker pointed out that government overreach is a non-partisan issue.

We are proud of our LPKS showing at the Capitol, and will continue to be active against medical tyranny until our right to choose reigns strong again!

All photos © Olivia Hayse and used with permission. 

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