Election Day was a great showing for liberty support in the state of Kansas! On Nov. 2nd, three out of 5 candidates we presented won their respective races, and one lost by only a handful of votes. 

See the breakdown from LP National of what’s happening across the country: https://www.lp.org/libertarian-party-shatters-records-as-unprecedented-number-of-libertarians-elected-to-office/

Read more about our candidates, including Jason Shepard (above)…. 


Peter Solie – re-elected to Lorraine City Council

Brody Flavin – elected to Halstead City Council

“Local elections matter as much as state or national elections, but often have the lowest turnout. Local government has the most impact on citizens’ day-to-day lives. Just running for office and getting your views out there can help drive conversations and effect positive change in your community – I’ve seen this time and time again. I would encourage everyone to give some serious thought to running for local office and working to make a difference in your community.”

Ryan Armbrust – elected to Alta Vista Mayor 

“I believe that good governance starts at a very local level, and that’s why I’ve committed to building trust within my community through demonstrated service – as opposed to running on an idealistic and sometimes disconnected platform. For Libertarians to succeed, I think we have to start at a very grassroots level and show that streamlined, local government dedicated to protecting the rights of the individual is not only possible but desirable! For me, that has meant ensuring that our City balances property rights on the individual with impact on your neighbors, identifies and removes unnecessary barriers to business success, and partners with private entities to bring fiber broadband to every home in town with minimal public funding needed. We have succeeded in all these endeavors so far, with more goals still left to accomplish as we try to ensure our city government is efficient, transparent, and fair to all. Libertarian ideas can and do inform good governance, and it has to start where you live.”


Hayden Maples ran for Basehor City Council.

“While I did not win the election, I heard from many community members who appreciated my willingness to run and share my views. My involvement in the campaign also led to conversations with the mayor and my appointment to the planning commission.”

Jason Shepard lost by only 38-34, in a closely-contested race for Mound Valley Mayor. 

“Every vote counts. Especially in smaller, local races. Register. Vote. It matters.”


Seth Cordell of Lyons will run for governor in 2022. Learn more about Seth: https://www.cordellforkansas.com/

(***Note: Candidate is unofficial until a vote can take place at KS State Convention in spring 2022. Once confirmed, they can appear on the Nov 2022 General Election Ballot.)

Interested in running for public office? Check out our helpful infographics: https://lpks.org/get-involved/2022-lpks-candidates/

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