There may be snowflakes outdoors, but within the KS state party there’s also a flurry of activity these days. Exciting developments in liberty legislation, social activities, and civil advocacy all support our primary goal: an advance towards greater freedom for all people. Scroll down to find an area where you can get involved!

Kansas Peace Rally 3/26

Join us in promoting peace and defending our Kansas National Guard troops! March 26th, there will be a Peace Rally held at the KS Statehouse. Don’t forget to follow Defend the Guard on Facebook for updates as plans develop. 

This event is sponsored by: 

The Libertarian Party of Kansas

Defend the Guard 

Frontier Peace 

Libertarian State Convention 4/22-24

Who wouldn’t want to attend an event with both Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen in attendance?! Mark your calendars now for our state convention in April, held at Wichita’s Drury Hotel. It’s the perfect blend of inspiration and connection, featuring an LPKS business meeting and powerful keynote address with a sprinkling of social events throughout the weekend.

Further details and registration can be found here.

Update on Defend the Guard 

One of our most passionate causes, DTG seeks to protect the freedom of the National Guard by blocking them from being deployed into active combat without a formal declaration of war from Congress.

The following is an update from LPKS’ political director, Al Terwelp:

“There was a hearing on SB370 on 1/31/22. We organized 11 participants for testimony (5 oral, 6 written). We got some press. About six news outlets mentioned the LPKS testimony. The Governor’s office requested an Adjutant General fiscal note. AJ gave neutral testimony but was very oppositional. The AJ office used the fear of federal funding loss as a reason for concern for passing DTG. The Senate bill is on hold, which is advantageous right now. We estimate 4 in favor, 4 in opposition and 1 undecided. The House has promised a hearing for HB2501 but we anticipate no opportunity until after the medical marijuana bill is finished.

“We are at a stalemate on the bill right now. Luckily our bill is in an exempt committee, and we have plenty of time. We are currently gathering more veteran support and increasing our social media content that addresses our opposition’s points of concern.

“To break out of this stalemate we need the assistance of others. First, we need people to communicate to the members of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee asking for a hearing. Secondly, the war tensions in Ukraine provide urgency for the passage of DTG.”

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