When Kansas libertarians see injustice, we make our voices heard! 

Recent Defend the Guard advocacy, as well as global upheaval with the situation in Russia and the Ukraine, prompted LPKS to co-sponsor a Peace Rally at the KS Statehouse on Saturday, March 26th. The event featured several guest speakers, including: 

  • Rob Hodgkinson – LPKS Chair 
  • Bob Corkins – Lobbyist, Frontier Peace Advisors
  • Chris Wolfenbarger – Founder, Foundation for Exceptional Warriors and Veterans Patients Access Foundation 
  • Dan McKnight – Founder, Bring Our Troops Home
  • Diego Rivera – Director of Field Operations, Bring Our Troops Home 
  • Kris Kobach – 31st Kansas Secretary of State and current Republican candidate for Kansas Attorney General 
  • Seth Cordell Campaign – Current Kansas governor candidate seeking the Libertarian Party nomination 
  • Sgt. John Hauer – Retired army 
  • 1st Sgt. Earl McIntosh – Retired marine

Hear about the event right from the source: 

One of the TV news crews covering our Peace Rally commented on ‘how professionally everything was presented and carried out’ at the event.  With dozens of attendees cheering them on, the great lineup of veterans and other speakers made a powerful impression on lawmakers, as well as on new converts to the Defend the Guard cause.”

Bob Corkins, Frontier Peace 

“There was a lot of talk about Kansas leading the way [for peace]. How other states have come close, but not as close as us. We have a chance to break the mold. #Kansasfirst!”

Olivia Hayse, LPKS Marketing Director 

The following is an excerpt from the speech given by 1st Sgt. Earl McIntosh, a 5th-generation Kansan and retired Marine:

“If our country is attacked or our way of life is threatened, I believe we can avoid the disasters of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan conflicts by officially declaring war. [In] each of those conflicts, war was never declared. Declaring war means we are in it to win it. We will also use the resources of that country to help pay for our expenses and when we win, we will send our people home and not have these long, drawn-out struggles. The blood and treasure we sacrifice will not be worth it.

“Introduced in the Kansas Senate in the Committee of Federal and State Affairs is SB 370 ‘Save the Guard.’ The bill has had a hearing and is waiting for a vote. If passed, the Kansas legislature would not send out men and women to any conflict without the federal government declaring war first. 

“Please contact your Kansas state senator and ask that SB 370 get a vote!”

LPKS wishes to extend a very special thanks to everyone who contributed to the rally with their speaking, organizing, and advocacy efforts. Together we move forward in pursuit of peace in the U.S. and the world.

Want to be a part of the solution? Contact your local representatives to have a hearing, and urge them to pass SB 370 and HB 2501! 

All photos above courtesy of Olivia Hayse and Tim Giblin and used with permission.  

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