This November, there are several female candidates to choose from when you go to the polls. This is an exciting development in our state party, as well as for the liberty movement as a whole! Below, LPKS Communications Director Allison Ross interviews three candidates on their political races, lifestyles, and hopes for the future of their campaigns. 

Kirsten Kuhn
Palmyra Township Clerk (Douglas County) 
Eudora, KS
Twitter – @Kirsten4Palmyra

Stephanie Barton
Kansas House of Representatives – District 33
Turner, KS
Facebook: barton4ks

Cullene Lang 
Secretary of State
Paola, KS

AR: Give us the history of how you arrived at the liberty movement. 

KK: I’ve always been a libertarian, although I didn’t know it. I felt politically homeless until I heard Ron Paul speak at the University of Kansas. He very eloquently put words to the thoughts I’d had for while. The rest is history!

SB: It has always come naturally for me to question everything. The more I questioned the system, the more corruption I witnessed, and the easier I realized that the perceived authority of the system took away everything I was created to be. 

AR: What are your immediate plans after you win the position? 

KK: Get to work! Although clerks are primarily recorders of meetings, being involved at any level affords an opportunity to establish connections and potentially influence policy. The township is a new area for me, so I’ll be learning as I go.

SB: The first thing I’ll do when I win this position is thank my Creator for blessing me with such a wonderful opportunity. I want to tackle government overreach/malfeasance of office, decriminalization of non-violent crimes (legalizing cannabis), and election integrity. 

AR: What advice do you have for fellow liberty lovers? 

KK: Show up to our events! Libertarians need to support each other and demonstrate to the wider public that our philosophy really does work in practice. Engage in voluntary action within your community. Come to events and mixers, help with trash pick-up, let us know your great ideas- whatever your skillset, we have somewhere that it’s needed!

SB: More gathering to discuss what’s going on in our communities and how we can help facilitate change would be wonderful.

AR: Tell us something interesting about yourselves. 

CL: I have lived an unusual life that may not be appreciated by the average undecided KS voter. I’m married and an Army vet. 

KK: I keep bees! I currently have 3 hives, and over the summer I captured my first swarm. I also homeschool my stepson and enjoy time with my 3 ferrets- Phil, Bob, and Bonnie.

SB: I am a wife and mother, and my family is the most important part of my life. I enjoy reading, and writing poetry. I love singing, and our little one loves accompanying me with her lovely background vocals. 

AR: Any closing thoughts?

CL: Someone asked me where to send donations to my campaign and I asked them not to send donations. While it’s important for me to try to get the Libertarian message across, I would prefer that people donate to Libertarians who are in two-way races.

SB: I’m looking forward to meeting more liberty-minded people, and discussing their views on how together we can begin to mend all these uncertainties we have facing our generation and generations to come.

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